Urdu Font Issue in InDesign ME

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Hi. I just joined this website because it seemed full of people who knew what they were talking about!
I have flawlessly used InDesign ME with languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Farsi etc however recently I tried installing something that boasted of providing better compatibiliy for Arabic and this little plug-in is now messing up my Urdu files! I tried un-installing deleting all the Urdu fonts and then re-installing them but no luck. Seems like that plug-in has really invaded the system somehow. Any ideas? I have a screenshot here with the correct text (in Arial) on the left and then in the Urdu Nafees font on the right (which used to work fine before but now is all jumbled with the dots etc in completely wrong places!)

Using Arial is okay for some projects but Arial isn't supporting some Urdu characters like the "do chashmi hai" properly

P.S: It's only with InDesign CS3/CS4 ME that I'm facing the problem in. Illustrator is fine, so is MS Word.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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