Early Modernism — Harold Pattek

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I have recently started collecting books with cover designs from the early modernist period, as they are particularly beautiful and abstract solutions for visualizing seemingly complicated philosophical, psychological, sociological, and business-related concepts.
Looking at the credits, I came across an amazing one by the designer Harold Pattek. I looked further into this designer and it seems as if he has shared some exhibitions with designers such as Muller-Brockmann, Aicher, Neuburg, etc. Also, I found two of his works in the AIGA design archives. But, aside from this trace amount of information on this designer, I haven't come across anything else. Does anyone know anything about him?

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If you are still looking for me, I am available at hpattek@hotmail.com. I'd love to converse with you and update you on any information you would like. Hope to hear from you.

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