Typeface suitable for silk screening at small sizes

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I'm looking for atypeface suitable for silk screening @ app. 6-7 pts., preferrably something like Plantin or Swift.

What should i look for? What can go wrong?



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Talk to your printer. Most of it depends on the coarseness of the screen and the material being printed on.

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assume the ink will spread, tending to fill counters that are too small and closing gaps that are too close. How much ink spreads is down to any number of things including the thickness of the ink, how sharp the squeegee is, the mesh count, the substrate and how the ink behaves on it.


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> Talk to your printer

Exactly. I was considering silk-screening for my business cards, but couldn't find anyone capable of doing the job in North America. I am in Canada and I showed a couple of local printers a sample and the first question they both asked was if it was printed in Europe :-)

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