What say's "Liberty'

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I'm thinking of a font.... big, blocky, rocky, chunky and it'll say 'Liberty'. Any ideas?

edit... maybe I'm thinking 'Earthquake'??

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Comic Sans.

Free to use anything!

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not so much feeling the capt america font..

how about nothing political looking or feeling..

think 'earthquake!'

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Funny, I saw a thread just like this, but it asked what said "Freedom". Not what said "Earthquake". The poor guy who answered "American Patriot" now looks silly, because what does that have to do with earthquakes?

That was a mean trick to play on him.

And how come I can only edit my posts right after I make them, not later?

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That's was a pretty skeezy title edit...

You want Shatter.

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I saw "Liberty".
And, one can edit the start of a thread anytime they wants.
That doesn't mean they should.

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Sorry.. bad etiquette on my part. I changed it back...

I'm searching for something that will compliment a Liberty Bell. Of it the Liberty Bell was a font, what would it look like?

I was thinking something heavy, chiseled.. or? I can see the font in my head.. just cant find it!

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"I can see the font in my head.. just cant find it!"

Draw it! :-)

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American Patriot

Remember it's only in the US where stars and stripes say nothing but liberty. In other countries they may say "Gringo", "Big Satan" or "fresh donuts here".


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