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Hello there,

this logo is for a local printer and design studio. (They do mainly printing, hence the "ink" idea..)

Please let me know what you think. I would first appreciate some feedback on the "tg" symbol (since I'm not too happy about the font for the name yet anyway.)
I am not sure if the execution of the ink drop is good enough. what about the colour? w/ or w/o the dot?

thanks for your comments,

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i like the one on the right bottom.. but I'd move "technografik" slightly to the left so that it is in one line with the red dot above..

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I like this concept a lot. There seems to be a little disharmony between the "t" and "g" caused by the extremely organic feel that the squiggly, ink drop and ear create in the "g". The "g" is a living creature, but the "t" is not. I don't really have any suggestions to remedy it at this point

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Samann cool stuff I like the concept. I aggree with what Scott has stated.

Perhaps you can use the entire 'g' and make the ear appear to be an ink drop.
Also what kind of inks are being used? I ask this because it might help you choose a color better suited for this design. For example, if soy inks (a more environment friedly ink) are being used maybe you can choose a color that reflects that idea.


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Samann, the ink drop makes me think of a mistake. Sloppy Printing? Its the reason you see symbols of percision like register marks or color bars. Just some thoughts.

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I agree with Dan,

Precision, is what I look for in a printer. A printer should appear very organized in their identity. What kind of printing do they do? Do they have a 4 or 2 color press, or a digital output device? The name Technographic also implies "precision", Why not use properties of advaced printing technology to determine the logo.

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Hello there,

thanks everyone for all your valuable comments. I have taken especially Daniel's opinion to heart in that the first proposal with the ink drop might look like sloppy printing.

Some more information on the company:
The company started about 20 years ago and did mainly technical drawings (hence the name). Although the name has stayed, the company sees itself now more as an advertising agency. They can handle both the design and production side of the project.
Production wise they do offset printing, digital (laser, plotter), etc. but they also have creatives who design layouts, invitations, brochures, annual books, etc. They also have a new collection with specially designed+produced cards (e.g. for weddings).

So, as you can see they are technical but (what they want to stress) very creative. Therefore the company name probably does no justice to their full skills (but they don't want to change it for now.) Therefore I also tried to create a symbol that shows a little more of their creativity, rather than "precision" and technicality.

Here's a quick look at the current logo:

I have now gone away from the first idea with the drop and tried to create something that is more resembling the idea of the old whilst at the same time modernising it and implying more creative freedom.
Here's what I came up with so far:

I tried to stick to the same concept and by using a simplified geometric figure that is hand-drawn I tried to signify the dual nature of the company. Before I worry about vectorising this (if at all possible?!) I wanted to get your input.

Does it work? Is it practical? Can it be implemented with vectors?

thanks for your comments,

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Since I wasn't happy with the typeface (too heavy) I have made another version that I think is better.

Comments very welcome!

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Better, but it's more close to the renault symbol than your previous logo that influenced it.

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mmm I would guess that the car manufacturer's identity and this printer's identity would be well distanced as it is, and the sketch logo bears only basic geometric resemblance.

I think the new direction is a good one, but I would maybe try to focus a little bit on weighting the sketch to be a little more like the original, if you want to focus on updating rather than reinventing.

I can also see that this is in early stages, and I think things are going well!


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Hi Adriano,

good catch - I can't imagine I was thinking of Renault at all though while I was (re)designing it ;-)

does anyone else think that the logo with its rough, draftish look resembles the Renault logo? any other comments whether I should be heading into the pursued direction or not?


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Samann, since its a creative group and not just a printer, take your roughs and run them by the creatives and let them guide you in a direction that best fits the companies perception of itself. Coming here is fine, but don't step on any toes, politically.

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