Scrolly typeface

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Can anyone recognize if this scrolly character comes from an actual typeface? I was given it by a publisher to use on the chapter openers of a book, and now, close to publication date, they're wondering what it's origin is and no one seems to know. We're hoping it might belong to a font...

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These are sometimes called Fleurons, or Ornaments. I checked Zapfino and this wasn't in the font. Didn't see it in Bickham Script either. Several of the newer OpenType fancy script fonts have ornaments, but I can't seem to find a good candidate offhand.

- Mike Yanega

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There are also entire typefaces composed only of fleurons…

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Yes, I had thought it was either zapfino or bickham, but, as you said, it was neither. I'll have to search through the fleurons and see.
Thanks though!

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