"Die Marx Saga" continues...

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Need some help,

any bells ringing?

Thanks in advance!

You can see it being used here as well: http://mirkoborsche.com/projects/thaliaprogramme


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Looks like Lydian:

Edit: here's an alternate cut, not sure what the differences are

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Tilde’s version has extended language support (409 glyphs vs. 261 in Bitstream’s).
Tilde has established cooperation with Bitstream Inc., licensed its font collection and creates localized versions of Bitstream fonts.MyFonts
There are some minor design differences, though.

Monotype has its own version, but that is only 1 style.

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Thanks for clearing that up, Florian. :)

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a.k.a. Lisbon from Agfa (now p/o Monotype Imaging).

- Mike Yanega

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