Alternative to Mrs. Eaves needed

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hi - first post to the board..

I am working on a huge project, trying to find a warm, "imperfect" serif typeface akin to Mrs. Eaves (and Filosofia) . I have spent over 4 days searching and exploring with not too much success, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. The closest I've come are Fountain type faces, but most of these are a bit too stiff for me.


Warm, human, well crafted, imperfect, vintage, hopefully a comprehensive number of weights.

By "imperfect" I mean that it does not matter if the typeface jumps a bit, like Eaves or is a bit uneven, as long as it gives off that familiar "warmth".

My last ditch effort would be to loosely interpret a given font by hand (pen/paper), but I haven't even been able to find a decent starting point.

please help - Thanks!

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Have you seen Dino dos Santos' typefaces?

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I think you will get a number of good suggestions, but for myself,
when I think "better Mrs Eaves", I think of The Foundry's Wilson:

A much rougher option would be Founder's Caslon:


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Good suggestions from Hrant. Also Pradell, FF Clifford, FF Atma.

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Two of my many imperfect designs:

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for imperfection and atmosphere maybe take a look at MVB Sirenne.
I once chose Fred Smeijers’ Custodia when I was looking for something similar, but it only comes in two weights at the moment (he's working on expanding it though).

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What about Vendetta?

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It's subtle, but these Czech versions of the classic face have some imperfection and warmth not available in other cuts.

1. Baskerville Original
2. Baskerville 10 Pro

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What about this one, recently posted here:

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hi guys - really appreciate this - checking your suggestions out, I have had eyes on Feijoa and now Typonine's Tempera (the Biblio serif'ed version is maybe not exactly imperfect and warm, but the entire set is very flexible, and from what I can see, well executed)

Will keep looking, so keep the suggestions coming! Thanks again for taking the time.

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Throwing in my two cents on behalf of FF Atma.

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Tribute also from emigre.

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try Absara
it has lots of weights and a sans

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Poliphilus has loads of warmth but no extra weights
which for this font is correct

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