Further progress on Adantine

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Adantine is a display face in late Victorian decorative style, gently oblique and with a sense of refined movement, all capitals of a single height but with subtle distinctions between the ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ case glyphs. It offers an air of delicate distinction combined with legibility.

We just posted a further pdf specimen on our blog showing the progress to date. All constructive feedback greatfully received!

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I like its feeling!

Some notes:
The spacing/kerning of the R have some big problems.
You will need an alternate A, "swashless" and possibly more "centered".
There's a clashing problem between bottom left swashes and bottom right serifs (ES, HN, etc.).

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Agreed re all those points, watch ths space for further developments. I'm thinking of handling the clashing pairs as non-discretionary ligatures.


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Looks like your copy of scanfont is still being good to you!

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James you're not correct at all-Scanfont (nor indeed any scanning software) was not involved in the construction of Adantine, nor has it been involved in the vast majority of Greater Albion's faces. In fact the only ones where a measure of Automatic tracing of curves was used (not unedited) were 'Tectura' and the holiday dinbats where we was looking for a deliberately hand drawn look, and this in conjunction with my own artwork worked best as a way to achieve it. Greater Albion has no interest in sticking a typeface specimen in a scanner and calling the result a font.

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