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Featured Font - Linthicum

The Grammar of Ornament

Bonus Font - Greek Borders

2002 - The Year in Fonts

Complete Fonts - Release 20

Somehow we've gotten a bit behind again. Actually, it's not a mystery at all. We've been working feverishly on two massive projects and that's slowed other things down quite a bit. The two big projects are the final preparation for release of the Complete Fonts Release 20, and the compilation of the complete set of images from Owen Jones' Grammar of Ornament. See below for more info on these projects.

FIRST FONT OF 2003 - Linthicum
Linthicum is a new, original font. It has a stylized antique look with decorative diamond cut-outs on each character. The standard version comes with customized small-caps, but there is also an alternative lower case version available. We named it Linthicum after the London subway stop solely because the name sounds cool.
To download and try out the demo go to and follow the link.

One of our recent acquisitions is a complete copy of Owen Jones' classic work on design, The Grammar of Ornament. Published in the mid-1800s, this amazing book is a compendium of historical design motifs with 112 pages of full-color illustrations and a total of over 1000 different designs represented. It covers designs from ancient times up to the early modern era and the breadth and quality of the samples is extraordinary. It's an excellent designer's resource because so many of the patterns are ready to tile or adapt easily to your own projects. We had quite a hard time getting a copy of the first printing so we could have all the plates in good quality, but our search was eventually rewarded and the result will be a CD package of the complete illustrations from the Grammar of Ornament as an easy to access resource for designers. As a future project we also plan to add another collection of border and ornament fonts based on designs from the collection.
Preparing the package for release has kept us very busy for the last few months. There's a lot more to it than just scanning images when you're dealing with a 150 year old book. A certain amount of clean-up and color correction is inevitable, plus gold leaf paint just will not scan correctly,and that requires painstaking recoloring of some of the images so that they match the original.
This Grammar of Ornament project is almost complete. We expect to have the package ready for release within two weeks. Based on this schedule we are starting to accept advance orders for the package. You can see samples and get ordering info at

The Greek Borders font is the first in a series of new border and ornament fonts based on the images in Owen Jones Grammar of Ornament. It features about 20 different border designs and one full-frame design based on variations of the Greek Key motif. When the second phase of the Grammar of Ornament project is done we expect to have about a dozen fonts of this sort as a second companion package to the image collection. That package will probably be released this spring. However the Greek Borders font is available now. By the way, this will also be the bonus font for new members who join the Font Club this season. To take a look go to

This is a new idea, but one whose time has come. We've gathered together the 40 new fonts we released in 2002 and put them into a single package available on CD. Now you can get all those new fonts at a huge discount, including some really popular releases like Caswallon, Ardenwood and Hesperides. It's a really varied selection, including art fonts, initials, script fonts, gothic fonts and much more.
It's an even better deal if you're already a member of the Font Club. Since Font Club members already have many of the fonts they can get an even better price on the remaining releases that weren't featured on the main page of our website or part of the Font Club subscription.
To see all the fonts which are included just go to

It's not here yet, but it will be available at the end of this month. This new edition of our complete fonts set will feature dozens of new fonts, many more revised and updated fonts, and some new organizational and access features which should be helpful. The package features over 450 fonts at a price of about $1 per font - the best deal per font we've ever offered. Complete Fonts Release #20 can be ordered in advance and will ship by the end of January. The package is just $429 or you can get a great combo deal if you join the Font Club. Plus, if you have the older version there's an inexpensive upgrade option. We'll have more info and details in the next update. If you want to pre-order just go to


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Octavo editions are VERY high resolution. I believe they are made with custom-built cameras.

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a CD package of the complete illustrations from
the Grammar of Ornament as an easy to access
resource for designers.

Not a discussion area, I know, but in what will this
be different from the digital edition of Owen's
Grammar of Ornament already offered by
(The link to the Scriptorium site is not working here.)

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