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Hullo hullo,

Here is an attempt I made at a typeface, inspired by the Niemeyer buildings in Brasilia. It takes modernism | bauhaus in a new direction.
I know some things are not right yet, I somehow think I know which but I certainly don't know how to fix that. Help! Please! The following link is to a large image

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This reminds me of Jan Tschichold's unicase experiment
The only thing i would say is that the caps need to be lighter

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Thanks for the comment. It certainly is a unicase experiment ; or rather a take on the banning of upper-case by some bauhaus theoricians.

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Brasilia is the name of the font, I probably should have explained.

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My mind is slow tonight. I should have said that I have to play around a bit more with the weight of the upper case. It has to be markedly darker, narrower and with a larger x-height with a smaller stem height. Still, I can probably lighten it up a bit...

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  • Brasilia is the name of the font, I probably should have explained.

…And that name is taken. A typeface called Brasilia was designed by Albert Hollenstein and Albert Boton in 1960. It is now available from a number of distributors—as part of the Monotype’s Creative Alliance font library—under the name of Brazilia. Apparently, the design of Brasilia/Brazilia was inspired by the architecture of the new capital city of Brazil, which was the hottest thing going, in 1960.

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This shows more promise than I would have expected (since I'm not a fan of this style). But what I would do is make it more display, and more interesting, by: dumping the current lc; making the current UC the lc; and making caps -maybe that only reach the x-height- with mostly traditional structures. I think then the results might even be nicely saleable.


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