Feedback on five fonts much appreciated

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I could really use a second opinion (myself being the first) on these faces I'm about to get for a zine I'm starting soon (see here). I've spent untold hours over the past month tracking these down (I've probably seen three quarters of the myfonts catalog), but I'm still not 100% sure there isn't something closer to what I'm looking for out there. Some more experienced eyes would be very helpful at this point before I make a final decision.

Specifically, I'm wondering three things:
1. Are there any faces that are similar to the two display faces? A more boisterous version of the egyptian perhaps?
2. Do the two display faces together seem anachronistic? Ditto for the text and display together. I would use the roman display with the Walbaum roman and the italic display with Fournier italic, for the most part.
3. And can anyone recommend a ornament/dingbat font do go with this combination? My eyes glazed over after two hours in the Dingbatcave. I will probably get Fournier ornaments to go with Fournier, but it doesn't extensive enough.

Display: Wade Vernacular (Aboutype) & Slanted Antique Roman (MT).


Text: Fournier *italic* (LT) & Walbaum Text roman (Storm).

Also thinking about using a Edward Gorey-esque script font, Queensland, in a limited way.

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for some ideas on slab serifs, check out this thread.

However i do like what you've posted here. Lemme hunt around for a dingbat set...

...Actually, I really like the ornaments in Adobe's Warnock... if you have that one. but what style of ornaments are you looking to match with these fonts?

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ooooh i just stumbled across Aquamarine Decor Ornaments. I think this might go nicely with your current selections

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Yay, I'm glad you like them Tiffany :-) I would love to put a page together to show but I haven't bought them yet...

Paul, I wasn't exactly sure what style of ornaments I was looking for... though I think I might have found something. (I liked the PsyOps ones too by the way.) I bought Fournier Ornaments last night, and even though I am satisfied with it, I still think I need another dingbat font. And lo and behold, I come across P22's Victorian Ornaments, which just might be what I need, and inexpensive too. Their Woodtype Extras are pretty good too, and I'm not sure which would go with Wade better. What do you guys think? The Victorian Gothic that comes with it might prove handy as well.

The only thing I was hoping for that neither seem to have is a lot of square tiles for making tiled backgrounds, a la Dingbatcave Woodblocks. But I could probably just make a few simple tiles in Illustrator if I really needed some.

I guess the only thing holding me back is that there seems to be, esp. if I get those P22 ornaments, a tension between the Victorian display and dingbat faces on the one hand, and the rationalist 18th century copy faces.

PS - that link didn't give me any slab-serif inspiration Paul, but the lamp/sculpture piece was nice :-)

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sorry, i musta pasted the wrong link
try this one.
Decon & Victorian design? You'll hafta let me get a copy! ;^)

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Whoa! How come I only came across a quarter of those? It is starting to sink in that there are tons of foundries that don't have their stuff on (not that that's the ONLY place I've been looking). That's a really great thread.

I'm beginning to like the Victorian vibe though, and the layering options on Wade is a big part of that. So I think I will go with that. I'm still going to look around for something better than Slanted Antique Roman -- it's about 90% what I'm looking for, but something is a little off, I don't know what. Though I'm a bit discouraged with font-hunting -- it seems like half of the gems are hidden away in independent foundries that I don't even know exist until someone brings them up here...

If I can afford it I will probably get one of those slab-serifs on that thread, or Deadwood, for sidebars, etc., much how sans-serifs are often used.

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I bit the bullet and went for the Victorian ornaments, Farao, and Wade. I'm having a major problem with the latter though, as I just posted (here) on the Build forum. I looked around for something to replace Slanted Antique Roman but couldn't find anything, so I think I'm content with it.

If I can get the Wade problem figured out maybe I'll post a couple pages here in a week or two like Tiffany suggested.

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These typefaces have an amazing flavor. A nice old world stew. Why not put a page or two together with them. Show us how you invision them working together. I don't know that I'd keep looking. These faces are fresh and underused in some ways. That will set your zine apart from the others.

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While you are visiting PsyOps, check out Deadwood. That might be nice for smaller uses, or even larger uses instead of Wade.

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