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I have the dreaded "GPOS feature 'kern' causes overflow of offset to a subtable (0x10b20)"

I'm learning and trying to understand from past posts here what (a) I've done and (b) what can be done, but I'd just like to ask another question.

What does the Red Numerical Value in the Kerning Pairs list represent? (trouble I'm guessing)

And if that is a red flag for trouble, what's the best way to fix. The kerning seems right, but it's red?
I've looked through Manuals and looked around here.

Any wisdom in layman terms would be greatly appreciated.



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A red value in the kern pairs list indicates an exception to class kerning. These may be intentional as when, for example, the pair Tè might have a value that differs from the class kerning of [T…] class to [e…] class.

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Thanks John...appreciated.

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