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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to find the fonts used in the Nuveen ad campaign for the Chicago Cubs. I have been trying to find the sans serif caps font and brush script. I think I have identified the brush script as LaSalle EF but I have had no luck with the other font.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Sorry the picture is so big and you have to scroll to the right.

Here's the link.

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No idea about the font but ...

Sorry the picture is so big and you have to scroll to the right.

I solemnly declare myself puzzled about why so often here people in the design business are obviously unable to cut out and/or resize the relevant part of a graphic image.'s picture

Thanks for the constructive criticism. For the record I tried several times to crop and resize the image but every time it wouldn't load and would only accept this version.

Thanks for your huge help though.

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Has a similar style to Bank Gothic AS but not exact.

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