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Hi everyone,

Brief is for a draftsman and interior design company combined- must be simple fresh and modern. They wanted to avoid "house" type logo's.
Here is the bw version- the colour version is white on blue happy to post if interested.
I have also done another version of all of these logos incorporating (at lower opacity a blueprint)...but i am going to try and convince them that it would be best suited for website or etc.
These are rough ideas so far....please help I'm going crazy.



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Well, in my humble opinion: none of them.
And this is for a simple reason: the briefing is too simple.

- What kind of target-clients are they seeking?
- Which are the idiosyncrasies of their work? Do they have a particular style?
- Why would they want to redesign their brand?
- Which kind of people would seek your client's services?

When you and your client are not happy with anything, start fresh. And remember: do not show your client anything that you dislike. ;)


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Careful. 8 and 9 are likely candidates for those lists of "unfortunate logos" some websites enjoy posting.

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I think number 5 has some potential, perhaps if you removed the upright of the rule

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in avoiding the "house type logos" can I ask why you've decided to focus on the drafting/blueprint approach? That seems pretty housey to me.

in some of the option spresented I can't work out if it's IRW or LRW.
what do the letters stand for? do lrw and 'designs' need to be given the same amount of focus? I think it would be a lot more flexible concentrating on the interplay of LRW and dealing with the 'designs' bit later

that's my 2 cent invoice anyway.

Design Studio Melbourne

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Thanks everyone appreciate all your comments...and I'm feeling a bit better this morning!

Lula- thanks but I have all that info in 2 pages of copious notes on exactly those questions and more when I met them..I didn't think I needed to type it all out here.

Mark- yes I see it now- its called delerium and desparation :)

Geeza- thanks will have a play with that.

Ratbaggy- in saying avoiding house logos I actually meant a physical house symbol...they actually want to do more residential work- i tried a key type reference(where the "i" is) I tried a doorknob motif somewhere...I just don't know. The clients wanted a blueprint blue- etc because they pride themselves on their superior documentation.
It's actually L.R.W (initials) I tried some designs that way but client had a strong preference (before i even started designing- they havent seen anything yet) for lowercase which in terms of consistency of their branding/website etc I can see their point. I did try playing with the lrw bit but everything looked old school and not modern- or TOO modern....but you've got me thinking will try some more tonight. Thanks so much.


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Lula- thanks but I have all that info in 2 pages of copious notes on exactly those questions and more when I met them..I didn’t think I needed to type it all out here.

Great! Now, forget all the formal hints. Even the house-like interdiction.
Blueprints, for instance, are a reference from technical designers to technical designers, this may truncate the type of clients their image attracts.

Frankly, what I mean is: if you can't use "house" as a concept/figuration, what will you use instead? You've presented many concepts, one proposal for each.

Sorry for my bad english, hope this helps!


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