iNewvation logo !! Feedbacks please !!

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post here & I know I will get some good honest feedbacks.
This a logo for a technical exhibit that happens in my company once every year. Basically the logo is for the theme this year — iNewvation.

The idea is to show that new ideas coupled with active efforts lead to innovation.
The logo is not something very hot .. basically trying to show “out of the box thinking” & through some movement in the logo the act of breaking out of the box!

I have some serious doubts about the kerning and the general feel of the logo though as I cant say I am very adept at that and it is my first attempt at something like this. Would love to hear your comments on this and improve it as much as I can ...

Thank you all for the feedbacks already :)

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Technically, it seems proficient. But stylistically it may have a little too much "boing" in it. Implied motion is great in a logo like this, but it's a little too playful. Add to that, the dot seems out of place on the "I". If you must have some whoosh, I would consider looking at alternative strategies, either with the letters themselves, or around the letters, or as an extension of the box. I would take a look at how other designers have achieved this for inspiration.

And definitely avoid running the "WV" together. As is, it could be read as either "WV" or "VW".

But overall this looks crisp, feels professional, has breathing room. The box isn't an amazing illustration--its white edges might not be ideal--but it conveys the point.

The green/yellow color might not be the most inviting, but the color coding is definitely a good look and adds to the dynamics of the logo.

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is the box really needed? I get what you're trying to illustrate with it, I just don't know it helps anything. convey an image, not literally, but with class and style.

people will have a hard enough time trying to work out what the word says (someone clearly thought this was "genius") so I suggest you keep it waaaay simple.

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Thank you for the feedbacks ...

@ dirtcastle : The reason I clubbed the W and V together was because there was going to be a clear distinction with colour (Since only the colour version of the logo will be used -- in banners & t shirts), and I wanted the whole up down zig zag thing to create a path of movement for the "whoosh" .. but yeah, I will definitely try separating them and simplifying what the logo is trying to say ... will also try improve the illustration and maybe add something to it to give the feeling of movement instead of messing up the type.

@ ratbaggy : I know what you mean if you think it is way to complex. I can see the hoch poch going on in the middle of the type too. Any suggestions on how can I can avoid that and still depict "breaking free"? btw what do you mean by "someone clearly thought this was “genius"? Just asking ..

Thanks again for the feedback! Much appreciated :) !

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I don’t see that the logo is coming out of the box, and i can’t imagine that all those letters were in that tiny box. Is the box really needed.
The dot on the I is too static, it’s frozen in that position which ridicules the swoosh.

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I'm not a huge fan of the super-smart wordplay either, but the logo concept is pretty cool. I'd lose the box though – too many stories in one logo.

I'm not quite sold on the angles of the springy curve on top of the "A". The "incoming" angle is much flatter (and also looks like it's receding into the distance), so the sudden steepness of the "outgoing" curve seems unmotivated.
But maybe that's just me.

In any case, it seems that the kerning could use some more love, especially around "VAT"; and you should really finalize that before doing much more work on the boingy line on top.

Also, type-related:
- I agree that it looks too much like the "W" and "V" are really one letter. I'd try moving the "V" away, and also making the "W" a little narrower, so that it doesn't look like it's made of two "V"s.
- Have you tried making the middle apex of the "W" (and the joins of the "N") pointy as well, like the bottoms of "V"/"W"? Might give it more sharpness.
- Any reason for the "A"s lack of a crossbar? FWIW I don't think that's particularly fresh ("innovative") anymore (not that it needs to be bad – just asking).
- The tittle on the "I" needs to be a bit larger. And it's shifted left relative to the boingy curve.

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Thank you so much! this is really helping!!

So I decided to take this one step at a time.

Dropped the whoosh and the ball and all those extra jazzes altogether for now ... concentrating completely on the typography now & here is the result...

Would love some feedbacks on the kerning. I mean it seems fine to me but then again my eyes arent well trained to spot typography mistakes really!

I learnt a lot from this site and all the discussions that go on here. Cant thank all of you enough :)

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The W is a bit thick inside. The first strokes of W and V need to be thicker and the first one of A thinner.
Is the N sitting exactly in the middle of I and E? Same goes with O between I and N.
V can stand a bit closer to W and VAT is stil a bit loose.

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I think this may be going too far towards clean and simple. I liked what you had going on with the crossbar taken out of the "A" and the W/V overlap, separated by tonality.

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btw what do you mean by “someone clearly thought this was “genius”? Just asking ..

the naming/word play...Innovation by it's definition is "something new/a new way of doing something", so...adding the second new is superfluous.
innovare - 'make new,alter'
novus - 'new'

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^ The La Tratoria :)

At the very least I'd switch to Innewation or Inewation. W-v combo looks unpronounceable.

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Well it isnt really my choice!

Like I said its an annual tech event and the people in the tech division quite like it!
All I can do is make the logo look good, classy and convey the theme of "innovation"

p.s working on updates. New posts coming soon ..

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yeah, cool we're just making conversation. nothing personal.

look forward to seeing updates.

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