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these are three posters about a theme a did in college
called 'poster for poster' meaning to create a poster
or a series of posters about what a poster is...
so...i've made a series of three posters based on typography
and i gave the meaning of poster with three words(on in each poster)
i'd love to hear an opinion about this, about the whole concept(idea)
and about the result...
thank you!!!

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Your series does not speak for itself. If you had not told about your exercise, your examples could mean anything. The concept is bad. Your posters are not reduced to essentials, but simply boring. The exercise seems to be a typical ‘art-teacher-exercise’, which is not your fault.

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ok...this was really clear and honest,
thanx for your response

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I'm not altogether sure what you're actual brief was, but I think you may want to start off by looking at the meaning of all three words. Simple, explicit and diffusive mean very different things. Perhaps try designing a poster where you represent the meaning of each word. What would a 'simple' poster look like, or an 'explicit' poster? etc etc

Unless I've completely misunderstood what you're trying to do, in which case disregard the above.

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nope,you didn't misunderstood...thanx for response

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