Need help picking font

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Im a Design student doing a rebranding/packaging project. The brand I'm doing this project with is Tetra. They make home aquarium/pond products and fish/reptile food. This is the logo I've made:

The concept has to do with water, growth, fluidity, scales, movement, and fish.
My problem is now I'm having problems picking a complimentary font to use on the packaging. It needs to follow the same concepts(especially fluidity), but not be too similar to the logo type. Any suggestions? I've really hit the wall on this one.

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I'll check some of the exljbris typefaces. They have some fluidity about them.

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Thank you! That helped a lot. Any more suggestions would be a great help as well

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Check out Adobe's "HOBO". This typeface somehow reminds me of aquariums and fish:

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And the editor in me wants to mention that it is a complementary font. A complimentary one is what you get when you register a software program with Adobe, and they send you a free font.

(I hope that saves you a grammar mark in your project.)

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