Designer's Block

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I'm starting my freelance business in graphic designing and am having trouble finding fonts for my logo. For now the logo will just be my name, J.A. Hull (letters moved around to protect the innocent.) I was thinking that under the name, in a different font, I would place the word "Advertising" formated to stretch from the "J" to the "l".

I'm sure everyone can relate, I've created many, many printed pieces for others making fearless decisions. As soon as I have to make a decision for myself...Brick Wall!

Any advice?

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Step away from it and let the incubation process do its work. I like what I think of when I'm not thinking

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Tim -- Your intuitions are correct. It's very difficult to do your own logo. Your idea to just use type may be the best solution. After all, you're not American Airlines. They need a logo but do you? Paul Cutler has an idea -- let your subconscious do the work. Who knows? Just don't sweat it.


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Yeah, it's the designer/typographer equivalent of the self-portrait.

I say pick a font that you unabashedly love, if you can't find one that seems 'you'.

This may make it more enjoyable and lead you in a direction you were unable to think of before. I feel for you. I've hit some walls recently too, but now I'm over them and the view is great.

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I've personally found that its harder to design stuff for yourself, then design it for the client.
maybe because, I'm too fussy, or don't know what i want.

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Mark, when you get the error message go back one page and then go to Topics you will see your name posted as the most recent post. This will keep you from posting the same post 7 times

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