Graphic "Ostalgie" graphic design and typography in the DDR

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I'm looking for pictures of the old DDR (graphic design, posters, corporate identities, posters and typefaces). In particular I am interested in examples of typography Maxima Grotesk Gert Wunderlich.

Someone can send me pictures?


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Thank you Andreas,
can I use this imagen in a publication?

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Yes, you can use it. Search for the phrase "DEWAG" on google & co., this was the name of the "creative" department/organisation in the GDR. I think were was nothing that we should call "corporate design" in the GDR. This thin folder for the 750 Berlin anniversary is a very late sample of a major national advertising project and can't be used as representative for design in the GDR at all.

BTW. I don't know of many samples for the usage of Maxima in ordinary live.

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