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what do you think?


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I'd suggest keeping new versions in one of the threads you've already started, rather than starting yet another one.

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all right.


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Hello Again.

LamaKova, you are correct there is a lighter shade which would be interesting, but I was actually thinking of the jewel tone arils (see picture)

1.) I still see some spacing issues that are more apparent with the tighter kern.
Alaskan; I think of the space between letters as if they are vessels that could contain water and even though the shapes are different between the different letterforms the amount of liquid would be the same or equal.
2.) The counter space inside the "e" will most likely be problematic when reproducing the logo at much smaller size.

3.) The relationship with the qualifier "bistro" may also be too small, unbalanced and illegible when reduced, for something like a business card or hang tag.

Great work.

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