Business Card for a Beautician

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this is a card i designed for a beautician,
this card will be one of my first works that they
are going to be i want to make it as better
as it gets!!!
Is it good???or not???
I'd love to hear an opinion about it...
thank you!!!

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Well, first of all, it's nice to see you trying to get out of the box.
But I believe there are many problems with this card.

1. Why is the varnish spilled? In my lecture of it, with the stains on the other side, it gives a clumsy feel to the card. Almost like "I won't let her paint my nails, because she is incapable of doing it right!".

2. The stains are all the same one, only quadruplicated. If you want to maintain your concept, have in mind that with repetition it's read like a pattern. Stains are all about randomness, not about pre-thought repetition simulating chaos - that's order. One stain should do the trick.

3. I'm not sure if this is the best typographic choice for the card. It has a groovy, round, informal, almost childish feel to it. It's like a fat and cheerful lady: not slim and sofisticated. But hey, this all depend on the client (or employer) your seeking for.

4. On composition, I believe that the first image is clean enough to be powerful. On the second one, things don't work. If it's meant to be a contrast (clean vs noisy) the second one is not chaotic enough. If it's meant to be as clean, reduce elements and get a more stable composition, without the wavy line, perhaps.

5. I think that colour is just too dim. It seems to fade away, it's shy, wanting to hide somewhere. On one side, your client may present herself (through the card) in a shy manner. On the other side, her clients may be seeking for something they would be proud to show - that's what beauty is all about.

These are my two cents.
Hope that I wasn't too harsh and that this helped.

Please work on this, don't give up!


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I agree with Fabio on most points.

Come up with a nice, clean design, then make it look like the polish spilled on it. Right now the type just doesn't work for me.

- Lex

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hello there!!!
thanx for your replies,first of all
i'm gonna remove the spoils cause don't
work for me either...
i'm gonna try different colours to the letters
and perhaps a different font...

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The concept reminds me of this ad in my city: LINK
The neon paint was stunning to drive by.

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indeed...due to the colour

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Hey there!

I love what u did with the spillage. Just and idea: Id use the colour of the spilled nail polish on the other side on the background....
As you heard the type is not working. It looks like you had just learnt to use the software( I used to do that when I learnt photoshop LOL) but not to worry just keep it simple and clean and you got yourself a clever design. Look at other sophisticated examples and get ideas from the fonts the have used. Good Luck! :-)

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How's this evolving?

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hello again,well...i removed the spoils,
the background is white(as it was...)
the client liked very much the font and
asked me not to replace it and also asked me
for making the letters red but i told her
that it would be really weird(i believe it would...)
i will attach the new card...i would love to comment
me about the final one...

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