Greek kerning pairs

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Hello everybody!

Does anyone knows where can I find a list of kerning pairs for greek?

I'm using Leslie Cabarga's Kern King ( for latin, and I'm wondering if there is some similar thing for Greek.

Thank you in advance, cheers!

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This is a list of Greek words (minus breathing and accent marks) from the Greek New Testament. The .txt files use production glyph naming for use in FontLab metrics window. The .doc files contain the words Unicode-encoded.

These files are good for kerning letter-to-letter. Combinations of letters plus marks also need to be kerned, particularly when adjacent to some caps and ascending letters.

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Thanks, John!


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Very nice of you John - thanks.


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John, thank you. Deeply.

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Hi there,

I am about to add punctuation and quotations to John's list.

Does anybody know what is the greek quotations usage?

I don't think that doing all the possibilities in the current string make sense:

“/alpha ” ‘/alpha ’ '/alpha ' "/alpha " „/alpha ” ‚/alpha ’ „/alpha “ ‚/alpha ‘ ›/alpha ‹ ‹/alpha › «/alpha » ’/alpha

Thanks in advance.

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OK, I've found in Wikipedia ( )
that in greek it is used «/alpha » (primary) “/alpha ” (secondary). No indication for the third level. Any clue?
And what about the apostrophes?

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