Logo for an Imaginary Bank

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this is a logo i've made when i was
at the third year of college...
it's about an imaginary bank called
'delta bank'.
i would love to hear an opinion about this...
thank you!!!

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sorry,i don't understand...what do you mean by that???

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that's the upper- and lower-case symbol for delta...the name you choose for your imaginary bank.

It has a value of 4. Oh wait, you're from Greece.

Why'd you choose Delta as the name for the bank? Does the number 4 hold some relevance?

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Please excuse my terseness.
I was just pointing out the actual (and I think interesting) shapes of uppercase and lowercase deltas.
That because I think that's where I would have started creating a logo for a Delta Bank.

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first of all thanx for answering to me...
nope the number 4 does not have some relevence
at least not when i had designed it...
but now seems very obvious that this logo reminds me
kind of 4 although my intend was to create a db meaning
delta bank...i chose that name cause of a similar name
of a bank that exists here in greece...

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> Δδ

Actually if that bank were Russian, δб would've been a more interesting combination :)

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hello there!!!
i would try these days to make more combinations of these
letters...thanx for the advices!!!

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I like the typeface, but the symbol doesn't look nice to me. To me it's not an attractive design, and it's way too heavy.

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the B doesn't read as a b -- moving it down would make it read much better and even add stability to the logo.

also I would reconsider your coloring, banks tend to go with cool colors like blues.

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