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greetings typophiles,
so i've come to the board for a critique on my wedding invitation. i've been through dozens and dozens at this point, and i'm finally feeling good about where we're at. (exact spacing/kerning/leading yet to be done - i wanted to get the general thing good enough, then move on to those details). thoughts? thank you!

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While I greatly applaud your effort to escape from the traditional wedding invitation with centered formal script, I wonder if you have yet achieved something that communicates a marriage of 2 people.
For me, what you have done, looks like a cutsheet of rigid old-school magazine ads.
I think you have to loosen up and be a bit more personal with it--put some love in it. Make it look like a happy union of two people, not an overly tight exercise in spacing and leading.

Make a break from both tradition and rigidity.


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chris - my fiancée and i both work in the magazine world, so it's a bit of a nod to what we do (and love). does that change anything for you? (and i thank you for your comment!)

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The only REALLY important thing is that both you and your fiancée are happy with it!


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Hi Lauren,
love it, what a refreshing break from the usual sentimental stuff.
As you're both in the magazine world it fits great.

For me the second line doesn't sit well, extending wider than the rest it breaks the flow, given that magazine layout is the inspiration the left and right margins should align, this would help reinforce the magazine inspiration.

Having designed my own wedding invitations, recently, I know how hard it is to finally sign them off.

A small idea...
Being in the magazine world hopefully you know some good copywriters, adding a short sharp paragraph at the beginning/end would help balance the layout on the page. It could also give it a more personal feel and show off one of the most underrated skills in the design world, that of good copywriting.

Congratulations on the big day hope it goes well.

P.S. keep the Mums away from the champagne early on. (I know this from experience!)

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What Chris said. I like dry champagne at weddings, but I think an invitation should have more playfulness, more joy. This is not just another design job.

What to do? All I can think of might be too cheesy: bring the tail of the "R" in "LAUREN" all the way down to merge with the "R" in "ANDREI". The angles are actually lining up quite well as is!

One other thing: you (and especially your parents) I don't think are getting enough "respect" here. This is an issue not just of fairness (no matter who's paying for what) but your future collective happiness as well.

> keep the Mums away from the champagne

"Don't serve mums Mums."


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Just wondering: aren’t numbers are more catchy to remember than words? By this I mean: won’t it be safer to write April 24th and 5:30?
What do you think?


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Easier to remember, yes, but far less classy.

BTW, I'd remove the "More Information", leaving just the domain. And if you can get a top-level domain less materialistic than ".com" that would be nicer. Sorry if I'm sounding like a mother-in-law-to-be. :-)


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hey all- thanks so much for your feedback. we've made several changes based on it, so thanks again!

(and @barkeep - seriously, this is the hardest thing i've *ever* worked on!)

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I give you respect for designing your own invitations. I tried and nothing clicked so we opted for another route.

I do want to mention one thing. To me, the typeface (Miller?) says "newspaper" more than it says "magazine". (Perhaps one of you works for a news magazine?)

In its current state, I would be very surprised if guests pick up on any nod to the magazine world. Unless Miller is a signature typeface in a publication for which one of you work. It looks most like a font specimen or 19th-century advertising.

Just a thought.

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Have a great wedding, and an even better marriage!


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