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I am having a brain freeze. What it is called when one letter loops up and connects to the next? Is this a specialty thing specific to a certain font, or is it a design element people are creating as an illustration. Does anyone know of a font that does this?

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(The Typophile Terminology Wiki entries may be a good start, for similar thoughts and questions.)

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Yes! thank you, I wasn't aware of the terminology area.

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When letters connect visually they are said to be ligated, i.e. tied. A ligature is a particular technical solution to the typographic display of ligated letters: a single typeform representing more than one letter, whether the typeform is a piece of metal or a glyph ID in a digital font. The distinction between ligation as a behaviour of letters and a ligature as a mechanism for displaying ligated letters is an important one, especially now that font and layout technology provides us with other options for displaying ligation. Here, for example, is an example of contextually substituted joining forms of letters used to display ligation. This approach has a number of advantages over the use of ligatures, which I regard as an obsolete mechanism.

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Thanks a lot, John.

(Maybe this should be added to the 'Ligature' entry, as well?)

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