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Somebody can help me?

My question is, I tink is different like other questions referring to typo on this forum.
So: what brand, what company is use this typeface to his logo? because it's seems to me very familiar from somewhere! and I don't know from where :-?
the type is The Aeroplane Flies High Heavy

sorry if is not the right place for posting this here

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Your question doesn't make any sense. Try asking again in one, simple sentence.

Are you asking if another company uses this typeface in their logo?

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Alaskan, baluqa says that the above logo reminds him of an existing logotype, but he cannot seem to remember which one exactly.

The style does look familiar indeed. Something to do with cars or racing I think.

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yes. epsilicon has right. I want to ask, if this style, this useage of "R" (like in the 2nd example) with this typeface is just for me is familiar, or it's have been used in another logo?

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all that aside, it'll end out reading as Paster if you're not careful.

Design Studio Melbourne

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I remember a similar logo from my gym shorts in high school. It was an 'R' with the profile of an eagle or hawk in the counter. I can't remember the brand though.

- Lex

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