Type from JCrew email

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Any idea?

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This is what a Futura Hairline weight might look like - though the zero looks like it was born as an "O".
Not sure if anyone makes such a typeface.

Another direction might be L&C Hairline - not sure how you would get that either.

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I thought this might be a free font called Caviar Dreams. Some letters are very similar but others are way off, plus your sample is probably thinner than the thin weight.

It also looks like a simple, geometric alphabet I have in a traditional British signpainting manual from the '80s that was meant to be drawn with large-size compass and set square. I'll find the name of that which might help if you need to draw something like this yourself.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase Futura Hairline?


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I used whathefont and got these results.

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I think you got it!
Appreciate it.

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