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Hello all,
I'm looking for any information folks might have about Les Usherwood, his career and his legacy. I'm currently a student at Humber College in their Graphic Design program and we've been asked to profile select Canadian designers, illustrators and art directors for what I'm told will go into the ADCC archives. If there's anyone on here who worked with Les, I'd be really interested in asking a few questions.
Thank you,

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I think you're in my class...

Man, I can't find info on a SINGLE ONE of the people to choose from. So screwed for this essay.

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Hope this isn't too late:
Applied Arts Quarterly had a feature on Usherwood in its Fall 1990 issue. If you can't find it in your library let me know.

And to Ohlawdy:

Is Carl Dair on the list? He should be easy.

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Anyone else wonder about the educational value of having students researching the biographies of designers? Wouldn't it be better to have the students spend their time studying the designers works, rather than their lives? Or, shudder, actually learning to design stuff?

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To John Nolan:

I ended up doing my essay on Jack Bush, found a decent amount of info for him.

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