Postscript error with otf font

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i generated a postscript flavoured otf font with fontlab 4.6 and osx. it works fine in multiple applications. but everytime i try to print or distill it i get a postscript error

undefined offending command: a

what i cant understand, its only one font out a little family that makes so much trouble.

what are possible reasons for such a behaviour.

thanks for your attention....fRED

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can wrong naming result postscript errors

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Probably. With that bug, I guess I'd be concerned about having legal values for PostScript FontName, glyph names, and maybe PostScript FullName. Was there something in particular you were wondering about?


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thanks for your advise, after fontlab chrashed couple of times while generating especially this font. i decided to test it on an other osx system and it works there.
i still dont know what the problem is, but it seems that it only accours on my system. in this case i give up searching for a solution.
i'm still intrested in any document or website that shows me possible postscript failures caused by fonts.

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