Font named "Basel" — does someone know it?

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I got a request from a Switzerland customer. He is looking for a lead font called "Basel" (which I cannot find as name anywhere). He sent me a book title and a pic from the font.

I think it could be a PostScript font. Primafont offered a Basel, but I do not think, its this one. Am I right or not? Can someone help me?


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It looks like Basilea designed by Markus Low. There is a version called “Kellie Ann”.

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Thank you for your help. I sent the link of your answer to my customer... ^^

„Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt Ihr meine Farben...“

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Image Club used to have Basilea in its early Letterpress CD's. I still have the font, but I don't think they offer it any more. Akira, that was a good find to recognize Kellie Ann as the same typeface. I've made a note of that one for the Serif Guide, as an alias.The image below is from thew Serif Guide, made from the Image Club font.

- Mike Yanega

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I found this site with a download of Basilea with a 1992 Image Club Graphics, Inc. copyright ??

EDIT: Removing site link as it contains a bunch of knockoffs.

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