Baustelle Display (Thin)

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this is a sequel of baustelle, a typeface i started some time ago.

Sample_BaustelleThinDisplay.pdf35.53 KB
Sample_BaustelleThinText.pdf30.02 KB
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wow, i like it a lot!!

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The numerals should have the same treatment

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yes, i guess you are right about numerals, but i am still reluctant to do the treatment. somehow i have the opinion that some characters allow this "negative ink trapping", some not, as in case of most of the numerals...

soon i will upload some regular & bold variants.

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so, the new concept is to divide the typeface family into »display« and »text« cuts. i have uploaded a text version that you can find as attachment.

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This is quite nice! The overall polish is very good, and the display cut is original but understated. However the text cut is of course way too light for [much] text. If you're not going to have darker weights I would suggest changing the naming and targeting the system for intermixed usage - that would allow for some very cool "emphasis" via the [current] display cut in a body of the [current] text, or vice versa! Of course in that case every glyph in the display cut would need some swell.

Looking at the "text" cut:

Both "g"s have problems. The binocular one is quite unhappy; maybe make the bottom bowl larger and more to the right, simplify the join between the two bowls, and try making the ear a simple straight line. The monocular one just needs a less curly terminal I think.

The tittles (dots on "i" and "j") are too big. Although that would work great in the display cut (where I'd make them even bigger).

Numerals: 4 and 8 too narrow.

Spacing: considering this will almost always be used large, the spacing I'd make quite a bit tighter. If you decide to keep this loose spacing, the wordspace needs to be bigger.


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thanks for the comments, they all make sense indeed, specially the »g« and the dots on »i«, »j«...
i guess, i should try doing a regular version, i am facing some difficulties at the time, that will take some time to post something proper..
you are mentioning display version is a bit understated – so you are suggesting, there should be even more contrast betw. the elegance of the lines and the »black ink« spaces?

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Actually I like the fact that the display cut is only subtly different.
What you might do though is have multiple cuts with increasingly
large swells.

Most fonts have a Weight axis - this could have a Swell axis!


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thanks alot.

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