FF Mach by Lukasz Dziedzic

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As part of the 50th FontFont release, FontShop International introduces FF Mach, a geometric, constructivist sanserif family by Łukasz Dziedzic from Warsaw (FF Clan, FF Good, FF Pitu). With three widths, six weights, an extensive pan-European character set (Latin-Extended plus Cyrillic) and a set of glyphs designed to create "virtual ligatures" (accessible through the OpenType "dlig" feature), Łukasz has created a versatile, powerful display family. Unlike many constructivist typefaces, FF Mach does include a true lowercase, which makes it also suitable for setting shorter texts.

FF Mach shows its decorative potential in a small graphic book "Machloye" by Cracow-based graphic designer Łukasz Dąbrowski that has been featured on "Lettra – Sign and Letter" exhibition as a part of the International Print Triennial in Cracow. FF Mach has also been recently used in the identity of an exhibition "Added value. Global design from Poland" held at IWP in Warsaw.

For more information, see the announcement of FF Mach at Unzipped.


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Exciting design! And needed, too.

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FontShop International published the FontFont Magazine 50/51, which features FF Mach by Łukasz Dziedzic. The brilliant specimen spread has been designed by Lars Krüger:

(Copyright © 2010 by FontShop International.)

A high-res version of the entire magazine can be viewed on Issuu.

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