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Hi, im currently involved in a graphics project at uni where i have designed a typeface and now have been asked to design a type specimen poster.
When designing the typeface it was required that we link the it to a theme and I chose the title 'motion' i explored human body motion and related each letter to the shapes in which the human body makes when in movement.
Its required that the type specimen poster has some sort of connection to the theme, full set of characters and a supporting typeface.
I have done a couple of mock ups, and would really appreciate some feedback! Tell me they are good, average or absolutely rubbish, just please say why :)


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The type needs to be the focus. Right now it looks like the images of the people could be included in the character set of the font. Are they?

Show the type at various sizes. It looks like this is a display font, so I'm guessing it's not meant to be scaled down too far. This is your chance to show off how you intend the font to be used.

You can always look at the specimens for other fonts for inspiration. MyFonts would be a good place to start looking.


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Hi, no the people arent included, they are just the link to the title 'human body motion' and they spell this out! maybe this isn't clear enough?
yeah its a display font, hence the option for using a different text for the body which i haven't developed how im going to do yet!

thanks for the response

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I liked the typeface. I loved the drawings.
I like the Layout on the blue specimen because the gestures explain the typeface and communicate the concept nicely. Maybe Penn has a point though! So make the drawings a companion dingbat font :D
My other concern is that if this is a standalone piece it should really clearly say that it's a font. I don't want you to fake a foundry and pretend it's published but at least try to spell out the fact that it's an experimental typeface.

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Thanks, this is all helpful stuff, its been published on fontstruct

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