Claramaria - New font by PeGGO

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Hi mates.. :D

I come for leave my new font proyect that I was start a few days ago. I'm trying to make a modern font using a constant proportion on most of cases for get clear white spaces with soft curves for be used in posters and graphic performances.

For example instead vertical rectangle of "o" the "m" use a similar proportion but an horizontal orientation.

Hope you can drop me litle comment or critique for improve some detail that obviousely I can't see.

Regards & respects..!!

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I'd like to see some caps before I could really comment its nice reminds me in some respects of Cachet

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Yes, hard to tell without seeing the letters a bit bigger, and without a full glyph set. I quite like the tone of this. The junctions of the arched letters (nmr) are a bit high and the white notch will clot at small sizes, so I'd make that more substantial. I think e and o look a bit narrow. I think the crossbars on f and t should extend further to the left. And I'm sorry to say the spacing is not very good ;) Look forward to seeing how this progresses!

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I agree with Bendy and I would take a look at Johnson's
underground sans to see a typeface with very little
thinning at the junctions, but which works especially
Dave Farey's redesign for ITC.

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But it looks promising

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Gary Lonergan:
Hi Gary... Happy New Year!
wow! so various gliphs are similar between both fonts, although the "x" box on cachet is more classical than claramaria.. also one have contrast the other are monolined.. but wow.. so similar.. lol.. now I feel Sad, the world is so little.. xD but any way I'm still working on it.. so, hope soon drop the complete alphabeth here.
I really love the references you mention.. specially cachet font.. :) thanks a lot for the info.

Hi Bendy... Happy 2010!
well.. I'm still working on some Caps of this, and well, about juction of 'gmnpr' is caused that I seeking a high simplicity and non classical display font.. I'm thinking at leave without that white notch appear over there for prevent cause that clot you mention.. using an almost rectangle regular porpotion.. so, if I down the junction brake and lose that look, turning like a traditional font.
About wide of 'e' & 'o' I'll try to extend a little bit and see what happen. I'll also considere to make that modifications on 'f' and 't' may be come a little better, and don't worry about spacing.. I even not fix work on it.
Thanks a lot to all, very useful points..!!

Regads and hope find us soon mates.. :D
Pedro (PeGGO)

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And Happy 2010 to you too Pedro :)

In that case, you could try thinning the spurs (e.g. the top left corner of the vertical stroke on r). I think the combination of the small notch and the no-thinning junction makes that part quite dark.

Your contrast looks almost reversed. Is that intentional? The horizontals are rendering heavier than the verticals, it seems?

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