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hi everybody,

I am working in an Identity of a photograph
carreer quite consolidated at the market
therefore of the 35 years of work.

As he requested, I developed an italic
calligraphy to transmit an idea classic
but aggressive.

any comments?

application/pdfEdson ID
edson.pdf (28.1 k)

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I like the calligraphic name but don't care for the oblique sans caption

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I get an error when I try to view your pdf.
"There was a problem reading this document (110)."

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.... again.

application/pdfEdson Vasconcelos
edson.pdf (106.7 k)

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Coloca uma imagem JPG... chama mais aten

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It looks distinctive to me. Congratulations. Nice lettering.


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Nice! Maybe the Futura Italic is not the right choice... The lettering is slanted enought maybe Regular futura?

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Yes, you should definetly use an upright typeface instead of the slanted. My concern is also that the "fotografia profissional" is too small compared to the name, the text will not be legible in small sizes.

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