Suggested substitutes for this sexy script?

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These samples are from the Boudewijn Ietswaart show at ATypi Mexico...
I am in love with this script, and I'm hoping someone can either ID it or suggest an alternative?

Many thanks!

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Well shouldn't it be one of the Ietswaart-derived typefaces then?
If I remember correctly those should all be available soon, through FontShop.

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Yes, I'm sure it is his work, but I'm unable to find any information about the faces or their availability. I'm happy to hear that FontShop is releasing them. I couldn't find anything on their site about it, so I guess I'll wait and see.

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An "upcoming" FontShop release was announced in Mexico IIRC, but sadly I don't remember the details. Perhaps Stephen or someone else from FontShop can offer more info.

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If you're looking for possible substitutes, did you check Ale Paul's scripts at Veer or Sudtipos? His work seems most like this to me.

- Mike Yanega

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Missy - Indeed, FontShop will release the Ietswaart fonts. They are not quite complete yet, but nearly there. If your need is urgent perhaps we can work something out. Send us an email.

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Thanks, all! Very exciting news about the FontShop releases. I'm looking forward to it. No urgent needs, but many thanks for the offer, Stephen! I'm on your mailing list, so I'll be sure to check in.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my search for nice upright scripts, and probably will go with something from the Sudtipos Charles Bluemlein collection. Any other suggestions are welcome, gracias!


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Thanks everyone who suggested Sudtipos.

fiftyfootgirl > Feel Script could be a good candidate.

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Thank you!
I'm a huge fan!
Que pasa buen día :-)

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