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I was wondering if anyone knew of a website where I can find examples of different styles of type set on, say, a newspaper or poster. Something like The Book Cover Archive but for a wider range of media.

Just thought I'd give it a go. Thanks for any response you can provide.

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There's a great book by Tamye Riggs, called Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design, which shows many classic fonts "in action".

No disrespect to Typophile, but when I want to bombard myself with type in action, I go to the "What The Font" forum over at It's only logos, but that is a great way to see random fonts in action.

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I keep an archive of fonts in use on my Delicious account. I post my favorite examples on Type Tide.

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Stephen... fantastic site! I just added you to my blogroll.

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I love WLT but there is more lettering there than type.

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