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I'm a Graphic Design graduate, now doing freelance. I have a passion for different and interesting typography.

’Poppet’ is a typeface that I created a couple of months ago. I wanted to transform each letter into ’characters’.

Each letter is doing an individual activity, that you would associate with children, i.e. hop-scotch, hula-hoop.

The letters, at the moment, are black, but I think that adding a bit of colour would bring each personality to life even more!

Let me know what you think!

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Can you tell us why you want to transform the letters into 'characters'?
Also why do you want them to do things children would do? Is it meant to appeal to kids?

Some additional information about your thoughts behind this exercise would help.

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Looks pretty, but lacks originality. To be negative, it's just a decorated Myriad and nothing more. I think you should design it from scratch; you will learn many things and it can be much like what you wanted.

I see few letters that are related to the activity. If you designed it to be educational, I think it's not working.

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Thanks guys!

It is aimed at children, yes. It's primarily a decorative typeface. I've been creating name plaques, which is sort of like a personalised gift - suitable for a child's christening / birthday. They've gone down quite well. I've been trying to attach images of those, but it won't let me for some reason.

If I did want to make it purely educational, then yes, I would need to have the activity relate to the corresponding letter. i.e. A-apple, B-ball etc or along those lines.

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