New Terminal Design website and 146 new fonts

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If anyone is interested...

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That's a nice big bang!


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Congratulations. The site is amazing, and Consul and Trilon are now on my wish list.

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The site is lovely, and Consul is too! Congrats.

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That is one hell of a web site. And congratulations on getting those new families out.

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Congrats on a great site & ditto work!

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It seems that link to the News section is no longer valid,

Hopefully this one works:

Thanks for all you positive comments.

You should download some of our new pdf specimens, Charles Nix of Scott & Nix designed them for us.


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I really like Consul! Those type specimens are just beautiful.

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Indeed that is one very well designed and thought through site. You may want to disable Tab navigation in Fonts flash applet as it causes lots of strange things, e.g. (that's a focus frame for a FONTS tab below the slide-out showing on top of the slide-out):

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nice work!

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I bought Consul yesterday, all 48 fonts and its just great. Now I don't have to use Miller anymore. Yippee!

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