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Suomi Hand will soon be available from FontShop (Stephen Coles talked me into signing with them), but – greedy me – if you want to get this font right now, send me an e-mail. I've sent the signed contracts to FontShop, so Suomi Hand should be available in within a month or so.

So, Mike Diaz, you do in fact have a chance to have this font; Lumene company went from advertising company to another for some two years, micro-managing their tag line from "The Secret of Nordic Beauty to "The Secret of Nordic Nature", and never implemented the Lumene font, so I got fustrated, and re-draw the whole font, and re-named it Suomi Hand. It was used in a charity event, and I promtly got an e-mail from Lumene company complaining inappropriate use of their font, but I just told them to check their lisence agreement that has a three year exclusive right, and also pointed, that I've in fact re-drawn the glyps. (Just to be sure.)

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Että näyttää siltä kuin se on ihana fontti käyttää malleja, Tomi! Too bad it will be too expensive for me (at least for now).


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So you're allowed to sell it after you sign the contract, until when?


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Hello, Hrant. I'm not sure what you meant by your question, but if you refer to the Lumene deal, I never signed any formal contract with them, only sent the EULA with the font, which agreed to three years exclusive use to Lumene. That was in 2004.

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Hrant, I can guess what your question is aiming at.

A foundry can sell their fonts through different channels, FontShop USA being one of these channels. Those distribution contracts are usually non-exclusive, that means the foundry still can sell their fonts through other distributors, like MyFonts or their own foundry website.

On the other hand, if a designer submits his work to a foundry to get his fonts to the market, the foundry usually gets the exclusive distribution rights to the fonts (but could, as above, use different channels for distribution).

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Oh, that makes sense - thanks.
The difference between FF and FSI can be confusing. :-)


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Perhaps this helps: FSI runs two operations: a foundry (FontFont) and a retailer (FontShop).

This just in: Suomi Hand Script is now available on

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