Problems with certain fonts on one computer (not the other)

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with various font files on one of my systems. They appear perfectly on one system, but on the other the "BoldItalic" is actually "Thin", the "Hairline" is "Normal" (etc etc etc.... it varies with the font in question).

Some fonts are from Adobe Font Folio OpenType Edition (the original one), and one is "Omnes" by Joshua Darden. They appear perfect on my laptop, but as I don't use them on my laptop but on my desktop, it's a PITA! :D

The only difference between the two systems is that the laptop (where the fonts are fine) is XP SP2, whereas my design machine is XP SP3. I don't know if this has anything to do with it...

Any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks,


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(incidentally, opening the files themselves in FontCreator shows them to be absolutely fine and correct. It's just the rendering of them that's getting messed up somewhere).


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In any and all applications?

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In all applications, and also in the font preview (when you double click the otf or ttf files - from either the fonts folder or even just a store folder without them installed).

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My first guess is that you have corrupted fonts in the cache on your desktop. Uninstall the fonts, clear the caches, reboot, and reinstall the fonts.

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Ok, just tried it but sadly no joy... Cleared out a load of fonts from my system, deleted fntcache.dat from system32, rebooted, reinstalled omnes, and STILL only have 8 out of 18 variants available.

Thanks for the tip anyway :-) Sorry it didn't work though.


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Ok, this is frankly bizarre now... Just tried it on another XP (SP3) partition on my workstation, and when the fonts are NOT installed, double clicking on the file name (previewing the fonts) works fine. Install them though, and they mess up again.

Edit: same behaviour with Venetian from font folio.



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