Zombie Font?

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I am working on a zombie-poetry book, and could use some suggestions for good zombie-ish fonts. I thought about doing all handwritten, very sketchy/childish looking text, but would like some other suggestions for ideas or specific typefaces. Thanks.

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Have a look at the freefont site dafont, they have fonts in all kinds of categories, you might find what you're looking for there.

greetings Jeffrey

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Harry Chester is "the designer primarily responsible for for the introduction of cheezy monster type into our shared collective cultural subconscious."

"I've never found any typefaces that look remotely like this. The closest I've found was a family of typefaces called Interlock marketed by Typositor. The most well-known offspring was called Ad-Lib."




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There may be some more at FontBros worth checking out for this unique type of project.


Hope that helps!

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