Good Wes, Bad Wes?

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The Life Aquatic

Wanted to get some opinions on Wes Anderson's (I assume)
choice of outlined Futura bold (I believe it is at least) for the
title of his latest movie.

See it here:

& read what Mr. Simonson says about
another Wes Anderson effort here:

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First Wes Anderson film that doesn't have David Wasco as the production designer, I think. He used to do all Anderson's stuff, as well as Tarantino's.

This is mostly interesting because David Wasco is Jim Wasco's brother. Jim is a type designer and font production guy (not to mention keyboard player and brewer). I worked with him at Adobe for a bunch of years, and he's now a manager at Agfa Monotype.

Sorry for the digression.


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Digressions are good.
Especially if you get to drop
some names in them! just kidding

By your first comment, "Huh.",
I am guessing that you didn't
particularly approve of outlined
Futura as a title?

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