Clipper tea handwriting font (?)

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Anyone know what this great handwriting typeface is? Of course it may be genuinely handwritten, but here's hoping …

It's tasty.

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There's about 3 fonts there. I was looking at the connected script as 'handwriting', but then I guessed you were talking about the serif and sans fonts that looked hand-drawn. Did you check out Stephen Coles' list of hand-drawn text fonts? In my Script Guide they would be found in Part 6, if I collected them.

- Mike Yanega

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I do think at least the large serif lettering is a font, because I can't see differences in identical letters. The closest I found was Jot by Ronna Penner of Typadelic. It's possible she made a custom version for this company -- it seems that close to me.

- Mike Yanega

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And here is Stephen Coles' list of Serifs by Hand

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