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This is already completed, but I thought I could get some critique anyway to learn a bit.

The title is a font called Manuscript Gotisch, which looks quite piratey. The text that says 'image hosting' is set in a more open, less condensed, less ornamented face, Fette Trump-Deutch, because the other is very wily at smaller sizes, the details of it.

Everything else is Baskerville.

I did the design, wrote copy, and coded the layout in css/html. Tools used_ Adobe Illustrator CS2, CotEditor, a bunch of web browsers.

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It's very lovely and well balanced. That said, I'm not what the black letter type-centric aesthetic has to do with image hosting.

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Thanks. With a name like 'Picsahoy', the first thing hat really came to mind, other than Chipsahoy cookies, was something to do with pirates. Blackletter looks piratey in the right contexts. An icon like an anchor, or a Galleon, was going to be used, but that never came through.

You might thing that you need photos or something on an image hosting site, but I was told that really what users want is a quick login or an upload box right away.


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The aesthetic is really nice, but the type gets a bit hard to read. I first see "Picshop" or "Picsahop".

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I'm afraid I read it as "Picashop" at first as well.

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I think "Picsahop" would be a better name anyway! ;-)

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2nd what aluminum said.

As a personal portfolio, this would be great. But not for image hosting.

Image hosting is all about providing a seamless, reliable service, digital service. You don't want customers doing a double-take and wondering if they accidentally clicked on the wrong site. And the "analog" background is a big no-no, imo (unless you are going for the lo-fi image hosting market).

And I would say never use blackletter on a mainstream site, unless you are a beer company.

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So, basically, with this design I've made a big mistake. But a pretty one.



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dirtcastle: And I would say never use blackletter on a mainstream site, unless you are a beer company.

Or a hip clothing company.

brianskywalker: So, basically, with this design I’ve made a big mistake.

Well, not if the intended customers are Pirate Bay users or Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

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