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So I totally have this plan to be the ultra-niche Nick Denton. Unfortunately my name has far more syllables but I'll try to live up to his example.

Thus, some new projects of mine, currently undergoing extensive testing:


which will soon have their own domains, and perhaps more attractive mastheads.

My own skill could not possibly match that of the beautiful & talented Mark van Bronkhorst, who made me a great piece using his own Verdigris, which I find quite useful & have been availing myself of on a daily basis for awhile now:


I'm also working on


and of course that old standby, my favorite,


Meanwhile, if anyone has ideas of niches that might warrant a site and fulfill the following criteria:

a. audience must be own/use personal computer & internet (this is why hewn & hammered is not such a success; i missed this most important rule);

b. audience must have disposable income

c. audience must have time to contribute - as the entire idea here is to get these things self-sufficient to the point where i don't need to take much time editing, and can leave most of the content creation up to a group of 2-3 dozen individual authors.

d. niche must be somewhat approachable and of interest to hobbyists/amateurs outside the professional practice, if there is one.

e. each site needs a catchy name & attractive identity or is not worth producing.

f. and of course there needs to be some available content on the Internet - hopefully lots of disparate little bits all looking for some glue to hold them together.

i was thinking of one for people involved in GIS - cartographers and planners and the like - they spend a lot of time on the 'net, work mostly on computers, professionally network just as much as folks in our own trade.

any ideas?

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You people are just lame.

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So...trying to make a living purely off of google ads? ;o)

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Joshua, your blantant self promotion is just in bad taste here, in my opinion. Post a site with your self promotions and let people decide wiether they want to visit them. May you have good fortune.

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Maybe he's just trying to amplify human communication?


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I already have seen that one http://www.hewnandhammered.com/ and I found quite nice in booth levels, content and design.

(titles of each articles miss a bit more of emphasis specially when you have a "Continue reading" in same color around).

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Actually, I don't really care if anyone here visits any of those. I was just looking for ideas for new sites. Since I put my back out I've been working a lot less in the garden and on the Vandercook and need something to do ...

Didn't realize this was the wrong place for it - I thought this was the "anything goes" forum. Sorry!

I see now, reading through the post, that it certainly could be seen as "blatant self promotion," and I'm sorry for that. Won't happen again.

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Hi Joshua,

I would love to see a blog or forum devoted to banknote design.

Some links to get you started:


I also think that a GIS forum is a great idea. My sister is an epidemiologist and is studying GIS in Seattle. So far she's using ArcView. She is now dating a Linux guy though, so who knows, she might move over to GRASS. Also check out this site on Relief Shading. I found it via a recent article in Baseline. All roads lead to type!

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John - two great ideas! But Stephen, I don't know, I think that's a little too narrow. :-)

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Joshua ... Like many of the typophiles here,
I am a magazine lover. I guess I'm a Magazine Type.

www.magazinetype.com is available,
and the name works both ways, so
there's a typographic connection.

Discussion would revolve around magazines,
who's in them, who designs them, etc.

The audience might comprise g-designers,
art directors, type designers, photographers,
illustrators, or simply magazine lovers.


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Josh, I got it! Eric Gill's love life.

Brian, that URL isn't linking.


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Joshua, you get to be Hewn, and Stephen,
you are Hammered.


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Damn content. And I was sober.


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Hey BJ, I think that's a great idea. I registered magazineculture.com several years ago, intending to do much the same thing. Haven't exactly made a great deal of progress since then...

Stephen, drunk or not, that's just the kind of content I imagined would appear on the site.

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I wish there would be an ( archived ) gallery of / or website / weblog dedicated to, vintage 'shares' ( ? ).. ( 'Aktien' or 'Wertpapiere', in German.. ) I love these.. The older, the better.. Typography and Lettering at its finest.. :-)

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( Things like these.. )

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Marc ... In the above post, I almost said,
"Marc Oxborrow would be a great participant" because
I've made note of all the times you've chimed in with great magazine info!

I like magazine culture dot com, too.

Speaking of ... I know your design concern
is called Paste ... I just bought Paste Magazine
for the first time ...


it comes with a CD insert.

it's designed by


I'm salivating at the thought of a magazine
blog of some sort ... c'mon Joshua,
get that thing started, kid skillz
blog king guy.

Stephen, www.stewf-is-hammered is
probably available; it rhymes nicely
with hewnandhammered.



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(blushing) Didn't think anyone noticed, BJ. Thanks!

Actually, my brother Aaron operates Paste Design. (The type/design thing must have a genetic component!) I work for a custom publishing company called McMurry.

(I don't know the folks at Metaleap, but they responded quickly a few years ago to a colleague's question about their type choices.)

Anyway, magazineculture seemed a little daunting before the blog explosion - I wasn't sure I could handle the demands of keeping a site interesting and updated by myself. But I could see it working along the lines of typographi.ca, where a small group of contributors makes sure things stay lively.

Hmmm... may have to revive the idea. Would you be interested in being a contributor, BJ? Anyone else?

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Hey guys! The magazine culture/design/gossip/type/... blog seems a great idea. I don't know of anything similar, apart from the trade websites or the SPD, which are all very bussiness oriented in my opinion.

The audience is potentially very big, try to think of a designer who doesn't like magazines, any magazine. Plus there is a big untapped area also on editorial photography, set design, ...which could be easily connected.

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OK. Lemme get a handle on some of this stuff ... If I can get some help with it I'd be glad to set up an MT or typepad backend and handle the hosting for Magazineculture.com or something similar.

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I don't think it is blatant self-promotion. I simply view it as letting us all know of other blogs where people of like minds can share information. Oh and fwiw, Josh can do pretty much whatever he wants here. Why? Cause I say so.


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Joshua said: little bits all looking for some glue to hold them together.


Taxidermy and assemblage, please.

Daniel - Your posts here are filled with vitriol sometimes!
Take it easy. The moderators will deal with the legitimate riffraff.

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Aw, c'mon! Boxing squirrels!

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stamp collecting

poster collecting

history of the poster

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Hrant, he was just pointing out that URL as available.

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H - BJ is saying it's available to register.

I think it's a great idea. I'd love to know more about/see more
recognition given to the ADs of Magazines and Newspapers.
There are blogs about the design of these things, but it would
be cool to focus specifically on the people behind their style
sheets - interviews and such. Explore the reasons why they
made the choices they made. "I see you're using some custom
type from Hubert Jocham, how did you find him and how was
the type specified?"

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Disclaimer: I made that post half-drunk.

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YEs, at 4 pm.

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Thanks Marc. I guess I should liquor up more often.

I can see one of the blog's categories now: A Peek Under the (Style)sheets

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Magazineer has launched

Derek Powazek (who started JPG magazine) is looking for contributors.

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Hey Typophiles -- Derek here. At the risk of turning JLT's self-promotional thread into my self-promotional thread, I just waned to say that if any of you magazine lovers wanted to write a post or two about magazines and design, we'd love to have you over at The Magazineer. Here are some writing guidelines: http://magazineer.com/writing-guidelines

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