[logo] Grupa Interaktywni

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I am looking for some critique.

This is a logo proposal for the company Grupa Interaktywni. They make corporate identity, websites etc.

What do you guys think?

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you're going to have to give us more to work with to get anything constructive.

Design Studio Melbourne

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The windmill mark is nice, but overall the composition feels crowded and unbalanced.

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I have made more space between the mark and text.
I think it looks better now.

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I think the word 'GRUPA' might get lost if you use the whole logo at a small size.

Also I'm having a slight problem reading the logo. It might be because it's in a foreign language, but I wonder if the problem isn't helped by the use of all caps. Maybe try it without the use of caps, or perhaps space out 'INTERAKTYWNI' a little.

Hope that helps.

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Yes, you have the problem with reading because it is a polish language. I don't think there is a problem for Poles. But thanks.

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And this is final logo with color. Hope you like it.

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Does anyone else find it odd that he is making a logo for a company that makes logos?

I still think it could use some more spacing adjustments in INTERAKTYWNI. Not a fan of the colors but it could just be a cultural thing.

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I'm not sure why, but it looks a bit like a logo for a new bank trying to look very serious. :-\

Colors: I think their difference in darkness/saturation can work for the mark, but not so well in the type – GRUPA seems too active/strong compared to INTERAKTYWNI.

Spacing: Can anything be done about the holes in there (look at "KTY"!)? You should at least *try* loosening the rest of the spacing to get it more-or-less even. But maybe it's too loose then. I guess a higher-class thing to attempt would be a T_Y ligature.

Glyphs: Some seem too dark. The "W" needs help, and the "K". But that sort of stuff is hard to tell at this size. What font is that anyway?

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Don't mean to sound evil, but looks like it could be Arial.


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That's exactly why I asked.

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I think I'd like the mark without the dots (just the bars).

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That would make the i's in the mark go away.

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That would make the i’s in the mark go away.

No, they'd just be capital :p


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