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i am currently fiddling around with some Open Type Features and for some reason cannot make the following script get to work after compiling:

feature solr { #Solarsys planets
sub s u n by a;
sub m e r c u r y by b;
sub v e n u s by c;
sub e a r t h by d;
sub m a r s by e;
sub j u p i t e r by f;
sub s a t u r n by g;
sub u r a n u s by h;
sub n e p t u n e by i;
# luminary
sub p l u t o by j;
sub m o o n by l;
sub c o m e t by m;
sub c e r e s by o;
} solr;

When typing the letters in FontLab everything works fine, when typing the exported font in for instance Indesign, the substituted signs won’t show up.
Any ideas what could have gone wrong? Thank you and sorry if this subject has already been discussed before.

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solr is not a supported OpenType feature. If you put these substitions in another feature, like calt (contextual alternates) or in a stylistic set (e.g., ss01), then you might be able to get at these things through InDesign.

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Excellent – just replacing solr with calt (contextual alternates) is working. Thank you very much for the quick help. Btw. is there a list of supported OpenType features and their functions somewhere?

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Thank you, this is the reason why i post my questions here.

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You may also find this list in the official OT specification of interest:

These are the registered features tags, not neessarily supported (yet). A bit techy but when I do OpenType feature programming I sometimes find it interesting to have a look at what the official desciption of the purpose and behaviour of the features is.

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Yes, very usefull list. Thanks.

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