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Hi there,

Ive decided to delete the previous thread because it was just too cluttered and the images were H U G E !

So starting afresh:

ive spoken to the client who insists on having an ‘edgy’ invite. Title was also chosen by her so i cant do much about it.

She also specified she wanted a black invite so i thought this was a great opportunity to play around with spot UV varnish.

I was thinking of using Didot Elder for the title as it has devilish arrows on some of the letters which could look quite cool ( yet to purchase it), also a nice italic would be an option ( didnt nail it with my choice so far). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. something elegant and almost hand written might look cool.

I was also thnking of incorporating a graphic on the front ( that will be spot uved) which references the venue in which the show will take place.

What do u all think of the composition or the 2 options? The text in dark grey is meant to represent the type when spot UVed.

with regards to spot uv are there any rules i should be aware of in terms of the weight of the typeface ( eg. will didot work? thin strokes)

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Are you doing a 'dull' or 'gloss' varnish and how noticeable do you want it to appear in the end? Also, what kind of stock?

The reason I ask is because some of the soy based inks have a semi-gloss appearance in heavier coverage. I did a 'gloss' varnish on a very dark brown on an uncoated card stock and afterward you could barely see it until you turned the card and it caught the light. I didn't discover this until the press check which made adding a 'dull' varnish to the other area very costly.

You'll want to talk with your printer regarding your desire to use Didot at a smaller size. It may produce a less then desirable result. If you're unfamiliar with using varnish I'd ask if they have any samples so you can get a framework for appearance.

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thanx for the reply CreativeNRG.

I am planning to do a gloss varnish on coated paper as i have been reading that with uncoated the ink seeps thru and turns an odd color.
Ive also changed the body text to a san serif and changed the layout as you can see in the newly uploaded foto, also read san serifs work better than serifs at small sizes when applying spot uv varnish.

However i am thinking about using didot elder the front, given the name and the devlish details of the face i reckon it could work, though i am a bit concerend of the hairline details if i spot uv it.

if you have any type recommendations of elegant but naughty typefaces do let me know. I would like to try other type but havent quite found what i am looking for. A typeface that is a rich, strong,respected elegant woman whos got herself a toy boy is what im after.

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Check your kerning on "MIS CHIEF".

You could try Cabernet and Eloquent from Jukebox. They come with a little female attitude.

Also, I believe the term is 'boy toy'. :)

TECHNICAL NOTE: If you use a 'gloss' varnish over the black on a coated stock for the text you're going to have a hell of a time reading it unless you also apply a 'dull' varnish to the rest of the area. Also, regardless of a varnish being apply or not, those thin serifs may give you big trouble with that heavy of a ink coverage. I'd almost guarantee they will start to fill in... even on coated stock.

One option you may want to ask the printer about would be to print white ink on a black stock.

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Eloquent is beautiful but its serifs are too round for my liking with regards to this project

cabarnet however could be an option.

i was also thinking of opting for white ink on black stock for the cover but first i have to choose an appropriate typeface. didot elder is cool. i like its quirkiness but the extreme hairlines render it too fashiony i feel. i need something thats a bit more interesting and less cliche that would work well if i wanted to spot uv it or white ink.

"If you use a ’gloss’ varnish over the black on a coated stock for the text you’re going to have a hell of a time reading it unless you also apply a ’dull’ varnish to the rest of the area" - rest of the area meaning the white text?

haha i thought it was said either way, toy boy, boy toy. whatever sinnita says!

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rest of the area meaning the white text?

No, I was referring to the other black area.

Basically, you would use a 'spot UV varnish' on the text as indicated and a 'spot dull varnish' on the rest of the black to insure you could see the effect. I uploaded some images I took of the press sheet and I can't express enough how subtle the gloss varnish turned out over dark brown without the dull varnish. The printer told me they even used some new 'ultra gloss' varnish.

TECHNICAL NOTE: The areas you UV varnish won't appear 'dark gray' as in your sample. The UV varnish will actually make the 'black' ink appear more rich and shiny... almost like it's wet. If you changed the dark gray text to pure black it would be more true to the final piece.

Something like this...

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thank you for clarifying that CreativeNRG, truly appreciate your help!

i only had the text in grey to indicate to the users on here the parts i wanted varnished, i knew they wouldnt be grey upon output.

ive amended the invite so it looks closer to the final piece as u suggested. 100% black text on 96% black background.

Typeface: Avenir LT - 65 Medium
Size: 12pt
Leading: 16pt
Kerning : 20pt

So to clarify i need a Spot UV Varnish on the black text ( to achieve the rich, shiny look) a Spot Dull Varnish on the rest of the black paper ( to really bring out the shininess/contrast) and which regards to the white text, white ink on black?

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hmmm ok the client doesnt like avenir, thinks its too round compared to the cover and also reminds him of Calibri ( font they use for emails) i like it however.. any suggestions to other type that might look equally well with the proposed printing technique and looks harmonious with didot? im trying to find an alternative tyepface for mischief , like an italic, to give it that rebel factor

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How about a little mischief with the word, maybe flopping the s?

Otherwise, disturbance might work well

good luck!

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hey guys, ive made the following changes:

- changed the body text to Trade Gothic all caps. I've manually kerned it, what do u all think?
-using didot and didot elder for the front. ( excuse the white box, i have yet to purchase didot elder)

thanx for the suggestion geeze49, will have a go with disturbance and see if it works and perhaps playing around with the s.

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